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ABM, or Account-based marketing strategy, is a marketing approach that focuses on winning certain accounts (companies). This strategy is also known as laser-focused marketing. ABM is a low-hanging fruit for companies that want to focus on winning high-value customers rather than providing service to every tier.

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EireDigital Account Based Marketing (ABM) Services


Eiredigital helps you find the best strategy for your ABM ...

Eiredigital helps you find the best strategy for your ABM campaign. Whatever the strategy, you can rest easy knowing that we’ll run and optimize your ABM campaign.

Asset and Inventories

A successful ABM campaign requires creating personalized ...

A successful ABM campaign requires creating personalized content for each category. We at EireDigital are here to help you develop your campaign messaging, email strategy, visual designs, video, landing page, web personalization, and ad copies.


Using a multi-channel approach is vital to get the most ...

Using a multi-channel approach is vital to get the most out of your ABM campaign. A combination of both online and offline marketing channels will increase your campaign's ROI. We highly recommend that our clients use a multi-channel approach ranging from LinkedIn ads, Google Ads (Search, Display, Video), Bing Ads, Twitter Ads (Let’s call it X from now on!), Meta (Facebook and Instagram), Email marketing, Landing Page, Webinars and Events!

Setup and Integrations

Integration is our specialty! Running a multi-channel ABM ...

Integration is our specialty! Running a multi-channel ABM campaign will work only by placing a sophisticated and solid integration between those channels. Like ever, you can count on us that your marketing channels will work together synchronized to bring the best results for your campaign.


We provide detailed reporting on ABM campaigns for Sales ...

We provide detailed reporting on ABM campaigns for Sales, Marketing, and Senior executive teams so you can continuously health-check your campaign’s performance. Our reporting system will focus on ABM key performance indicators instead of traditional marketing KPIs. We help B2B companies focus on what matters for their campaign's performance!

By focusing on Account-Based Marketing ABM strategy, our Sales and Marketing team work together to target the most fitted accounts and convert them to customers.

Senior executives need to change their mindset about ABM. They no longer should look at the number of leads each channel generates as a key performance indicator (like in inbound or traditional outbound campaigns). But, in this strategy, revenue generated in the pipeline is more important than the number of Leads, MQLs or SQLs.

Challenging at first running an ABM campaign will require a massive understanding of the market as well as providing a competitive value proposition compared to competitors. Eiredigital is up to the task.

ABM strategy is not suited for every company! Account Based Marketing will be an ideal option for companies with a long and complex sales cycle (mostly SaaS B2B companies).

In general, there are three main types of ABM (Account Based Marketing):

Strategic ABM (one-to-one)

Nothing is more personalized and targeted than strategic ABM. This approach involves tailoring every aspect of your campaign – from the content to the messaging – to each individual high-value account. By doing so, you can create a truly bespoke experience that speaks directly to each prospect’s needs and pain points. Whether you’re looking to close deals more quickly or increase customer lifetime value, strategic ABM is the way to go.

However, requiring a huge amount of time and effort, this approach is not always the ideal strategy when a company needs to act quickly and bring several new customers on board.

ABM Lite (one-to-few)

ABM Lite is another ABM approach that is not as personalized as ABM 1:1. Yet, it requires some level of personalization, ICP, messaging, and research. In this strategy, a higher number of accounts compared to the Strategic ABM will be targeted. For instance, usually 10 to 15 large-scale companies are targeted for this campaign and the goal is to put as much effort as needed to get some high-value customers that can purchase your gold service or package!

Programmatic ABM (one-to-many)

And Finally, Programmatic ABM or large-scale ABM campaign strategy. As apparent from the name, in this strategy a large range of companies with several decision-makers, personas, and ICPs need to be targeted.

Compared to the other two, messaging on this strategy is more generic. The sole focus of this campaign strategy is tailoring messaging that shows your company has a product or service that can solve the wider spread problem for other organizations, and that different departments within their organization can benefit from your products and services.

This strategy requires integration between tools such as paid media, CRM, CMS, and Database, and lots of setup and implementation behind it. All said, when it comes to getting a return on investment, this method often brings the best result.

ABM Vs Inbound Marketing Vs Outbound Marketing

Advantages of ABM

It helps Sales and Marketing to work together on the same goal in alignment!

Improves ROI (Return on Investment)

Makes the sales cycle shorter


Buyer behavior has changed.
  • MQA
  • SQA
  • Revenue in pipeline
  • Marketing-qualified leads/marketing-qualified accounts
  • Cost per lead
  • Time on page (for engagement of digital assets)
  • Email open rate/reply rate
  • Number of additional contacts per account
  • Engagement (rate) by account
  • Pipeline velocity
  • Marketing influence rate
  • In-funnel conversion rate
  • Number of sales meetings/appointments per account
  • Number of proposals sent
  • Close rate /churn rate
  • Average selling price/average selling point


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