What is inbound marketing?

Inbound marketing uses a series of digital marketing strategies that don’t bombard visitors with traditional advertising methods. Instead, it focuses on attracting, engaging, delighting and converting potential customers through valuable, UpToDate content. This is how inbound marketing connects with your intended audience, draws them in, helps them trust your brand and finally drives them to make a purchase or take any other desired action.

Four Pillars of Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing relies on these four core pillars, which represent the fundamental principles and strategies that make for a successful inbound marketing approach:
The first pillar: get the intended audience involved in your brand. This requires relevant, current, deep content that fills in gaps in the minds of the visitors to your business and addresses their needs.
The second: after attracting visitors it is time to convert them into leads. This pillar involves capturing the contact information of your website visitors so that you can continue to follow up on them.
The third pillar of inbound marketing focuses on turning leads into customers. To achieve this, you need to nurture your leads, guide them through the sales funnel, and help them make a desired decision.
The final pillar is about the customers you already have. Providing them with exceptional customer experiences and loving service we’ll turn them into promoters. Delighted customers are more likely to bring up your brand and become long-term advocates.

Inbound Marketing Channels

Your type of industry determines which inbound strategy manifests the best results. In general, a successful inbound marketing strategy is a combination of multiple channels to create a cohesive, engaging, and unforgettable customer journey. We at EireDigital’s inbound marketing agency make it our mission to analyze the performance of each channel to refine your strategy over time and help you reach your marketing goals.

Outbound Marketing vs Inbound Marketing

Why Choose EireDigital for Your Inbound Marketing Partner?

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