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The World Latest Web Designing Technology

Do you know how much is the share of each website designing technology?

Mobile Friendly Website

According to the 2020 update about the user to preference browser, it has been detected that over 70% of a website visitors are using a mobile device. However, still, about 43% of websites do not have a mobile-friendly or responsive design. Not only by having a mobile friendly website you will get more conversion on mobile devices, but also that is one of Google's SEO algorithm which pushes your SEO score in the organic traffic channel.


Open Source Web Developing CMS

Did you know that over 87% of website are using open sources technologies and CMS like Wordpress, Joomla, PrestaShop or Open Cart on their main core? High level of security, Easy developing, Handy CMS, Having lots of plugins and add-ons and finally, a cheaper total cost are the most important reasons for designing a website by using one of these CMSs.


Fast Loading Website

38% of visitors leave websites with load time more than 5 seconds. Also, Google ranks higher to websites load faster. We in EireDigital Marketing Agency by using the latest web programming technology, Design and develop websites with loading time of fewer than 3.5 seconds which brings your online business to the next level.


WebApp Developing Services

About 19% of our customers are looking for a dedicated and exclusive CMS and functions into their websites. Another top service which we provide for our customers is developing web apps with the latest programming languages like "React" (Same Programming language used in Facebook) or "VUE JS" which is known as #1 web application programming language in 2020.

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Common Questions And Answers About Web Designing Services:

✅ 1- Why do you need a website?

It is not important if your business is doing professional services or you’ve just started. Having a professionally designed website brings more authority to your business. People who already are aware of your business first search for your website to find more about different products or services that you provide for them. Moreover, nowadays people are looking for their requirements online. It does not matter if you have a shop store or you are a dentist, having a website means bringing your business to the next level. Getting your business online will provide an opportunity for you to be found by more people and in more searches happening every single second. So, what are you waiting for? We are here to assist you with free consulting about web designing services.

✅ 2- How much should I pay for a website?

This is the most common question every customer uses to ask at the very beginning of the web designing process. There is not an exact answer to this question since there are many factors which play important roles in the final cost of building a website. However, understanding these factors and trying to have more clarity on the required cost against each one will help to understand the best estimate about the final cost of designing a web site.
The first cost you need to spend agents developing a website is related to Domain and Hosting services. According to the technology used in your website you need to consider the best hosting plan with the best resources to satisfy your website’s performance. The next main considerable cost which you need to put against building a website is related to the technology that you are going to build your website with. There are different ways to develop and design a website using open source CMSs ( Content Management Systems ) like WordPress or Joomla mostly for blogging and multi-purpose websites Or using OpenCart for creating an online store website. Using these open source platforms will reduce the cost and time from you. In some cases you might need to have a website which runs the specific function and doing something more than what is expected from a usual website built with open source technology, then it is time to get a WebApp which increases the total cost.
The other cost you might need to consider for your website is related to the plugins licenses which are used on your open-source built website. The final cost you need to be aware of that is known as “website maintaining” and support. If you are looking for more details about each of these costs and get a free quote today, do not hesitate and contact us now!

✅ 3- Do I get any further support if I need any changes to my website?

Yes, All our customers will get 10 Hours Free designing support to their website for the first year since their website gets live. If this is not what does work for you and you need more changes which need to spend more than 10 Hours of developing then the extra would be paid. The rate for paid will be estimated based on total working hours required. The rates are different based on the technology used on the website. For more details about the website support rates please contact us.

✅ 4- What Does the CMS mean on the website?

According to Wikipedia: A content management system is a software application that can be used to manage the creation and modification of digital content. CMSs are typically used for enterprise content management and web content management, In the site designing world, the most known CMSs are WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, Prestashop and OpenCart. We in EireDigital Marketing Agency, Design and develop websites based on those mentioned CMSs and even with dedicated CMSs based on clients request.

✅ 5- What is the best CMS for my goals?

It depends on your business goals, For example, if you are looking for an online shop and total designing cost is a factor for you, then we would recommend having a website built with open source CMSs as OpenCart or Magento, However, No E-Commerce websites can perform well without talking more about their products and services. Therefore using WordPress which is a multipurpose CMS could satisfy all your requirements as E-Commerce websites nearby having a powerful core inside to help your blogging requirements. But, If you are looking to get everything exclusive and you are looking to bring your idea to online business then you might need to ask for a Web Application.

✅ 6- What does the WebApp or Web Application mean?

The best way to explain the definition of WebApp is to compare the usability of that with other websites built by CMSs. Imagine you are having an Idea ( the first step of running a start-up), you want to have a website which provides specific services like getting some information from users, processing that information and show them the results, As you see that works similar to an application but installed on a website. It is almost impossible to try building a website with those mentioned functions with CMSs even by getting help from different add-ons and plugins. In these cases, you need to have a WebApp or Web Application to do all those things for you. Most customers of us who need to have a WebApp are startups. The process starts with preparing an MVP (Minimum Viable Product). This business mostly has a challenge of getting investment in their products. Therefore they need to get a professional MVP to show how their idea works in reality until they get funds and invest more on the usability and services of their website. Another service which we in Eire Digital Marketing Agency provide for our customers are developing and designing Web Apps and MVPs. If you have an idea and are looking to create money from your idea it's time to contact us and get a free quote about our Web Application and MVP services.

✅ 7- Do you recommend any SEO services for my recently built website?

Yes, Designing a website is like opening an online branch of your business, if you need visits and people coming to see your branch then you need to drive related traffic to your website. SEO means Search Engine Optimisation and is a process of driving organic traffic to your site, So if you need organic traffic you need SEO. In addition, there are other ways to drive traffic to the website like paid channels known as PPC Services, We in Eire Digital Marketing Agency, Do all these services based on our clients’ requests. The good news is we recommend exclusive comprehensive digital marketing packages which cover all these items in one package with a better price. For those clients who are keen on only focusing on one channel like organic and use our SEO services, we have many interesting items such as Offpage SEO, Link Building, Content Writing ( Copywriting ), Technical SEO.

✅ 8- I’ve just got a website, Should I start PPC advertising?

PPC and SEO are the 2 main channels of driving traffic and getting leads or conversion. So, If you are looking to make your website and products more visible to your targeted audiences then, yes, you should start with one of our digital marketing services or get a free quote about our PPC services. The main reason most customers are not 100% sure about growing their online business with paid channels is that they are paid and they are not keen on investing more and spending more budget against that. But, the reality is: if the websites or online business owners invest 1€ and get 10€ in return then they will have ROI ( Returns On Investment ) of 10 which means if they increase their budget to the paid channels as Google PPC and spending 2€ instead of 1€ then they should expect to return about 20€. So, That would be a good reason for investing more on paid channels as long as there is a remarkable ROI.

✅ 9- I don’t have a logo for my website, Do you suggest any logo designing services?

People remember each other by their names and faces, it is the same in online business, they remember your website and brand by your logo and domain. If you don't have a suited and professional logo for your website then we can help you with our Logo Designing Services. A professional logo can be something people keep that into their minds and remember it whenever they look at the same services and products which you provide. So, If you don't have any logo for your business or you are at the very beginning of the web designing process then what are you waiting for? Contact us Now! We can help you with designing high quality and professional logo for your website and business.

✅ 10- How can my website get visitors or traffic?

There are many ways for reaching more traffic and getting more visits and visibility for your website. Every newly designed website or even old websites need to work on it and try to reach more visitors and convert them to lead or conversion. The main focus of digital marketing is exactly the same to help your online business get more visibility and attract people to see your website, online media profile… and finally, try to convert them to leads or conversion based on your business goals. To do so, there are many channels like paid or organic to drive traffic to your site. The most known channels are: Organic Channels like Google and Bings, Paid Channels like Google Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook and Instagram Ads, Social Channels, and Email. All these channels do not perform the same regarding a similar goal because their responsibility is different. They've been created for different reasons. If you are looking to find the best digital marketing channels for your business goals, Do not hesitate and contact us now.

✅ 11- who will be managing and updating my website?

That is one of the most common questions which websites owners ask when a newly designed website is being handed over to them. Updating websites content, adding products to websites or keeping websites updated are important things that need to be done. The main responsibility of a web designer is designing the website and making sure all functionality is working properly. However, we in Eire Digital help our customers and show them how to add their products to their online shop or add/edit contents of their website as a part of 10H free support services for all of our clients. But, most of our clients are looking for someone to keep their blog side updated and write related contents for their blog frequently to keep keir customers and visitors updated and informed about all their latest products and services, On the other hand, blogging and writing content is not such an easy thing to do mostly for the business owners, Therefore, we’ve just started a new content writing and blogging services for our customers. You can find out more about our copywriting services here.

✅ 12- How Can I Make Sure My Website Is Following The GDPR Policy?

According to Wikipedia GDPR means: The General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 is a regulation in EU law on data protection and privacy in the European Union and the European Economic Area. It also addresses the transfer of personal data outside the EU and EEA areas. To adhere to GDPR, We implement plugins or using 3rd parties ( based on our client's request ) which let their websites visitors know about tracking cookies and their rights and choose between different options. Moreover, We provide a clear list of cookies being used on our client's website if they ask for their privacy policy landing page and their visitors can see these data and make sure their private data is following the GDPR policy.

✅ 13- What is the best hosting plan and services for my website?

That is very important and a key factor for your website speed, maintaining and performance to choose a suited host for your website. Before you go ahead with any hosting services, we recommend you to wait until your website gets finalized so you can have better insight about resources that your website needs. Because if you choose a host with less resource than the minimum required then your website will not perform as well as expected. On the other hand, if you choose a high-level hosting plan then you might pay for an expensive hosting while your website may not use even half of those additional resources. We usually recommend the best and most suited hosting services companies for our customers.

✅ 14- Will I get access to the host where my website is being placed?

It depends on the contract that clients have agreed and signed with us. Clients who are looking for further support for their website from us may not need to get direct access to the host where the website has been placed because if something wrong happens like a file get deleted by wrong then it would be out of our control to keep their websites keep working normal or even safe and secure from being hacked or getting their website recovered from the backup. Moreover, having direct access to the host means direct access to the codes of the website and if any changes happen to those codes then that would be out of our responsibility to recover it as it was before and we may need to spend many times to program and develop some part of their websites again which won't be a free service. Also, if you need to upload/remove something from your host then all would be easily possible into the website administrator panel.

✅ 15- How Can I see the total number of visits to my website?

There are different ways to track your websites total visitors and even more even by following the GDPR roles. One of the best ways to get more insight about your website visits is using Google Analytics. Google Analytics is a free dashboard which shows very insightful data about your website and visitors. We set up Google Analytics for all of our clients for free.

✅ 16- Can I get a mobile application for my website?

If your business needs retention, then the answer is YES!. Mobile applications are useful for those businesses that need a target specific audience and ask them to visit their website frequently. As an example, if you have an online shop then you might need to get one but if your reason for designing a website is reaching more people and making a brand awareness then you might not need to have a mobile application while a responsive web designing can satisfy mobile users, too. But if you find your business to the first group which provide daily requirement services and you need a mobile application for IOS or Android platforms then we in EireDigital have good news for you. We design and develop mobile applications with the highest quality and ability at a competitive rate. Please contact us for more details.